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It’s been only a few days into a new semester and you already feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks to cope with. You look at all those essays you have to work on. And then you look at all those books you need to read. Well, you’re a lucky kid if you manage to read them all, but what if you fail to catch up with all the reading? If things are getting out of hand and you cannot complete a decent paper on time, the only thing you can hope for is that someone will help you out.

When you’re trapped in the situation where you have too many errands to run concerning your job and credits, it’s easy to get lost and miss the deadline. And when it comes to crafting such paper as an annotated bibliography, you need to have plenty of time on hands for research and wrapping up a perfectly crafted bibliography that will meet with your teacher’s approval.  So what can you do to complete it on time and without stressing out?

Begin with the basics

What is this thing called a bibliography? Simply put, it needs to encompass:

  • a list of academic sources you used while working on your project
  • a short resume of every source
  • your list needs to be correctly referenced according to one of the referencing styles

Basically, it is supposed to showcase the depth of your research and how well you have learned the material. Look closely at the simplest example of an annotated bibliography, and you’ll see that it reminds the way searching results look in your browser. The following elements should be included:

  • the author’s name
  • the name of the book
  • the date of publishing
  • special features of the edition
  • a short description (summary) of the book or another source

There are also some reasons why it a short resume of every source is actually needed. Except the fact that it shows how seriously and carefully you worked on your research, it also focuses on the information about the sources you employed. In might help the readers learn the same things better and discover some questions for their further research. If you want to do it professionally, then you should better buy an annotated bibliography from a person who already has an advanced degree.

The idea of completing a bibliography or a list of references is kind of daunting and forces students to read the book first or at least to find the description on the web decent enough to rewrite it in your their words. Such approach brings nothing but meager results.

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